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XMAX is embedded into XMActiveX_VBSample. XMActiveX_VBSample runs and loads xac-file into XMAX object. The corresponding mcr-script tells XMAX to create another ActiveX object (as a plugin).
Should this ActiveX plugin attach dispatch or create dispatch (in terms of MFC library) in order to work with the embedded XMAX?
Unfortunately I can't detect the running instance of XMAX. By the way, are there any standard means to detect the items in ROT (Running Object Table)?
I have used CLSIDFromProgID (getting CLSID from “XMetaL.Control” string) and GetActiveObject in order to check for existing XMAX, but the check fails.
Can you show me some piece of code which shows the correct way of linking running XMAX object with another ActiveX object?
May be, there are some peculiarities with XMAX. For example, I've read that the usage of GetActiveObject for Excel required that the focus had to be moved away from Excel window (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/238610/en-us).