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Derek Read

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XMAX creates a script engine in the same manner as XMetaL Author. However, there is this difference between the two products:
• XMetaL Author injects 5 top-level objects (Application, Document, Documents, Selection, and ResourceManager).
• XMAX injects 2 top-level objects (ActiveDocument and Selection).

Because XMAX does not include the GUI to support Application, Documents, or ResourceManager it does not make sense to include them (you would build the equivalents of these into your GUI if you require them for your XMAX solution, and in that case you can create any interfaces that you need).

You say you are using COleDispatcher so you can likely avoid recompiling your DLL (even though XMAX has a different type library). In other words, your use of IDispatch to call DOMElement methods and properties should work fine with XMAX.

Note that XMAX fires the same document-level event macros as XMetaL Author (On_Macro_File_Load, On_Document_Open_Complete, On_Update_UI, etc). XMAX uniquely reflects some of these event macros to the container application via an event sink called _IXMetaLControlEvents.