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Derek Read

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XAC files are tested to include the compiled version of the DTD or XSD, which is the RLX or RLD file (or for SGML there is the RLS file). These compiled versions include the information from the main schema file together with any files they reference (and possibly also other information including an ATT file, calalogs, SGML declarations file, and some other metadata). They are basically a snapshot snapshot (cache) of what XMetaL would have built in memory if all of this stuff was available to it (as separate files). It is possible to include a DTD or XSD inside the XAC instead of the compiled version but XMetaL Developer does not do that by default and we do not extensively test this from version to version.

The easiest way to support what you are doing is to deploy using the separate files method (and make sure you do not also include the XAC as it will be read first and the other files ignored).