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Derek Read

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A little bit more info from the Mobipocket Creator help:

[quote=Mobipocket Creator 4 Help section: “Importing Image files”)]
[u]Image file import and conversion[/u]

  • All image files are copied from their original location into the publication folder.
  • At the same time as it is copied, an image file is converted from its original format into a GIF file and resized to the optimal size for a display in the Mobipocket Reader, i.e. to a size less than 64Kbytes.

In all cases and for all formats, an image may be resized during the final build of the publication, for an optimal display in the Mobipocket Reader, ie to a size less than 64Kbytes for a GIF-equivalent file size.

That's a little bit worrying to me because as far as I can tell all of these image formats are displayed directly by my version of Mobipocket Reader (for PC). Perhaps other versions for other platforms only support GIF? You might wish to research that because the auto-conversion to GIF seems to be broken as described here (JPG are left as they are as JPG files and appear fine and nothing seems to happen for PNG). The only thing I can think of is that maybe this conversion occurs during the “Build” step and not while “Importing Image Files”. So, if this is an imporant format for you perhaps testing on a “real” Mobi device of some kind would make sense.