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Derek Read

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Not too much extra work to run it through this tool I think:

It says that the inputs it accepts are HTML + images. So if you were to generate output to XHTML using the XMetaL Author Enterprise deliverable “Multiple HTML” I assume this tool could read that in and package it appropriately (perhaps with some additional tweaking if the tool needs that).

One additional manual step is probably not a big overhead, but I guess you are hoping someone might have created a proper DITA Open Toolkit plug-in.

I suspect the best you could hope for might be similar to creating CHM output from the DITA OT. That generates output to XHTML and a few other CHM-specific input files which you can then run through Microsoft's “HTML Help Workshop” to generate the CHM (the latter happens automatically if you are using XMetaL Author Enterprise). If “Mobipocket Creator” supports other input files besides HTML (maybe it needs them for TOC and other settings?) then something could be done along the same lines as CHM.

My searches turn up nothing so far for a DITA-specific solution though so I think a manual post-HTML-output step might be your best bet for now.