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Derek Read

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If you alter one of the Change Tracking PIs such as to include additional information that XMetaL Author itself does not insert, XMetaL may end up removing it or the Change Tracking feature (for that particular tracked change) may be broken.

If I understand you correctly, you might be hoping you can do the following?

"dread" time="20110603T155632-0800" data="<p>this is a test</p>"?>

Your Custom PI:
"dread" time="20110603T155632-0800" data="<p>this is a test</p>" page="5" line="100"?>

I'm not sure what you will be doing with this additional meta-data and whether your XMetaL customization scripts would need access to it (or maybe the user needs to see it for some reason) but perhaps you could encode this information as an additional set of PIs at the start or end of the document?