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We have updated everyone to XMetaL 6 sp1. We are still having quite a few issues with XMetaL and we only have 3 people using XMetaL and dita.

Just today trying to help someone generate an output. In about a 10 minute period we had the following issues:
  •Got the same exact script error in the conditional filtering dialog.
  •XMetaL crashed twice when switching back to XMetaL from a different application.
  •XMetaL froze while generating output.
  •xmdpe.exe processes locked up running at 25% (one core total) and had to force end task on it.

I opened a case about output generation issue to possibly try and provide more detailed information to pinpoint the issue. It’s sometimes hard to get detailed information or be able to get in contact while it’s having the issue because were trying to finish and compile something. Currently I’m not having any issues but I know it will start acting up at the most inconvenient time.

fyi, I looks like you changed the way that the “cmd_synchro_mode  =  2” now works. The generation dialog process seems to be embedding in XMetaL now. I have had a few issues with it:
    •Have to open task manager and force kill the xmdpe.exe process now when it goes into its infinite loop. Before just pressing the x a few times on the dialog brought up the crash message and it would kill just xmdpe.exe.
      •When you use the “show details” button the dialog jumps to a different location, sometimes off viewable area in XMetaL.
    •The secondary chm progress dialog is still within the context for xmetal60.exe causing it to go into an infinite loop.
    •It was also nicer having a separate task bar item for the output generation.