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Derek Read

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This is part of the standard spell checker feature, which is not customizable on a per-document-type basis (so applies to all files).

These particular replacement items are included in the default list of “user words” for English. In the spell checker see Options > User Word Lists and look for them in the list at the bottom of the dialog that appears.

If you want to XMetaL to prompt before making any of these auto-corrections there's an option for that in the spell checker's options called “Prompt Before Auto Replacement” that is normally unchecked by default. That affects the spell checker when you are spell checking with the spell checker dialog open (F7).

If you are running 6.0 and up a separate option that controls the “live” spell checker (the new red squiggly line feature in 6.0). It is in the Tools > Options dialog and is a checkbox called “Replace words from my word list while typing”.

Note: The reason these two are in different places is because the spell checker is really a separate tool and its UI is somewhat fixed (difficult to modify). The spell checker has always had the first option and it was just easier to put the second option in the main Options dialog. We may also replace the existing spell checker, or more likely, add the ability to integrate another one at some point.