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Derek Read

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{Looks like messages sent from XMetaL Support are not getting through…possibly a misspelled email address}

This is what XMetaL Support sent to you (in email) last week:

Two known issues might cause this. {Note, don't post your key here, that would need to be done through email.}

1. Sales gave you an invalid key. If you can send me the key I can confirm that. The solution in this case is to obtain a new key from sales. It is possible they sent you a bad key, though not likely.

2. You have attempted to extend the trial before your existing trial has completed. The software we use for the 30 day trials has a limitation that requires it to first complete the current trial period before you can enter an extension key. If you enter the extension key before the trial is over you will see this (somewhat confusing) message. The solution in this case is to wait for your current trial to expire.

If the issue is neither of these then we will need to obtain more information about your Windows installation, user permissions, etc. Please let me know if you feel this is the case. I suspect the most likely issue is problem #2.