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Yes, this problem occurred with a 32-bit Windows 7 installation on a 64-bit machine – we switched to 64-bit Windows with more RAM to try to fix the problem, but it didn't work.

Yes, we do have a CMS integration installed – SDL Trisoft Authoring Bridge 2009 (version 3.3.7), SDL Trisoft Publication Manager 2009 (version 3.3.7), and SDL Trisoft Condition Manager 2009 (version 3.3.7). Come to think of it, these problems first arose after we installed 3.3.7, but not right away, and none of the other 30 users has reported this problem.

The problem is definitely not related to any particular action, like selecting text with or without mouse. It is completely random and often happens even if I don't do anything (the application does not respond at all when I first click anywhere in the open window, even the title bar or close button). It is more noticeable when I'm typing and the letters stop appearing on the screen, or scrolling or dragging, etc.

There is no connection to the documents I am working on – it happens with ALL of them regardless of size or type.

It is quite possible the problem comes from the Trisoft add-ins – the same type of freeze occurs when I use the Trisoft Publication Manager UI.

How do I submit a case to XMetal Support? Or better yet, Trisoft?