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Derek Read

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The files do appear to be broken after exported from the CMS. I don't need to open them in XMetaL to see the broken or missing characters (the results are obvious in several Unicode-capable plain text editors I have). Some characters are missing a portion of their bytes (character encoding has been garbled) or have been replaced entirely with a question mark and one or more square brackets.

I don't think it is our integration with Documentum Webtop that could be responsible for this. There is a slim possibility, but our code merely asks Documentum Webtop to check out a particular file and place it in the Documentum cache. XMetaL then opens the file directly from the cache on your local drive.

I would remove XMetaL from your tests to confirm that this is not an XMetaL issue:

1) Use the Internet Explorer interface for Documentum Webtop to check out a document.
2) Navigate to that location using a 3rd party tool, such as Notepad, to view the document and confirm that it has some characters messed up.