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Hi Derek, thank you. The “Install files for East Asian languages” box is checked in Regional and Language Options, so I'm ok there.

We are running a localization workflow that exports English DITA objects from our CMS, ftp's them to a translation vendor, then imports them back into the CMS. When we receive the files back from the vendor, they are ok in the file system. When we import them into the CMS, they are still ok (and publish just fine). But when I check them out of the CMS to edit them, they display as garbled in XMetaL.

I'm attaching a zip file (EMC_dita_before_after_CJK_issue.zip) with the following:
  CSA_blade__before.dita – Files that come back from vendor (OK)
_after.dita – Files exported from CMS (not OK)

Thanks for any help you can provide.