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Derek Read

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From the description and the screen captures my first suspect is the CMS. You are running DCTM though, and it supports Unicode (UTF-8) but perhaps it is not configured to save as UTF-8?

This might also just be a language rendering issue. If you are running XP do you have the “Install files for East Asian Languages” checkbox checked in Regional and Language Settings (Control Panel)?

That might explain why the characters are not displaying properly (they appear as the “missing character” glyph — a square). Might be easiest to send me an actual copy of the files (before and after being in the CMS) so I can confirm their encoding and whether they contain the correct characters (so that the files are actually OK but the software is not rendering properly).

Do you ever see correctly rendered Korean in your documents (sounds like you are saying they are OK before they go into / out of the CMS). If you do, but at some later point you do not, that smells very much like something is messing with the encoding of document.

I do see that our Cross-Reference Properties dialog is displaying “missing glyph” characters for Korean syllables as well unfortunately, even when a system is configured to support “East Asian Languages” as far as I can tell. I'm not sure why that is the case but I will let our devlopment team know. I think that's your #3.