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Derek Read

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This is from the DITA LangRef 1.1 (with the keyword “expected” perhaps being particularly relevent when it comes to the DITA OT or a particular version of the DITA OT):

[quote=http://docs.oasis-open.org/dita/v1.1/OS/archspec/xmllang.html]Usage in maps

The xml:lang attribute can be specified on the map element. The expected language inheritance behavior on the map is similar to that on the topic. That is, the primary language for the map should be set on the map element (or assumed by the application if not explicitly set), and should remain in effect for all children unless a child specifies a different value for xml:lang.

If the xml:lang value on a topicref does not match the xml:lang value on a topic, the value on the topic takes precedence.

It could also be that the DITA OT is trying to meet the requirements of that last sentence. I have not tested that to try to confirm.