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Derek Read

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Unfortunately, my testing shows that the DITA OT won't cascade an xml:lang value from a map into the portion of code that does this string injection (which is at the topic level). Or perhaps it makes more sense to say it doesn't look back or up from within a topic to see what is in the map, it stops at the root of the topic.

So, if you set xml:lang in a map (anywhere) you aren't going to see localized strings in output.

If you set xml:lang on the topic's root element (topic, reference, task, etc) then everything in that topic will use localized strings for that language. If ony a portion of a topic is in another language then you can just set it on a child of the root element too.

For the HTML outputs the DITA OT accepts ja, ja-jp and ja-JP.

It doesn't like underscores, only hyphens.