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Derek Read

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I will check with development, but I doubt that our connector code would have implemented anything specific. It relies on the web pages that Webtop itself serves up (and our dialogs actually embed Internet Explorer to render them). So if you were to navigate to Webtop using IE (but outside of XMetaL) I would expect you to see the same behavior there.

If so, I suspect one of two things:

1) Documentum itself did not implement anything and it was your older version of IE, or an IE setting that was remembering these things. I think this is the most likely possibility.

2) Documentum did implement something but you have updated the version of Webtop you have installed on the server and that feature is either broken or removed.

To test #1 you could try accessing Webtop using different versions of IE by itself (outside of XMetaL), or with different IE settings. Searching for “IE autocomplete not working” (and similar) on Google gives me quite a few hits.