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I was successful at getting this modification to work, for what it's worth. Borrowing/inspired by your code in a somewhat related topic here: topic=1127.msg3605

I modified the code, and then inserted it into my links.xsl file as follows, adding the part shown here in bold:



















Then in XMetal I just typed “noPageCitation” into the outputclass attribute field of my link, and bingo. No more “on Page XX” after any link that I mark with that outputclass. 

I also went through everything it takes to omit page citations from links entirely, before I figured the above out.

If that might be interesting for anyone, that amounted to, in a condensed description:

-Deleting the section in the template above starting with

-Adding the entire modified “insertPageNumberCitation” template to the custom.xsl file (actually creating an xm file containing the template code then referencing it in the custom.xsl file)

-Making sure the appropriate line was un-commented in the catalog.xml file,

— and that was it.

With that modification, no links at all had “on page XX” after them. However the more selective toggling of it is the one I really wanted, so I'm thrilled that the above works.

Thanks again.