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Thanks for the prompt response. I, on the other hand, have not been so prompt in getting back to this thread. Sorry!

I'm assuming we're discussing XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0

Yeah, I have that in my signature. Maybe not the best place for that info.

What do you want it to display instead of the text “Topicgroup”?

I don't want anything to display. Here's theirs (I've modified it a bit to conceal the client's id):

  00 - Some Data

Here's mine:


Referring to the first line, there is nothing following the tag, i.e., it just acts as a wrapper for the other tags. And I have to keep the structure intact to facilitate a reverse conversion.

CSS files with "_structure.css" in their name are for the Structure View and not Tags On or Normal view. So, adding something to the Structure View CSS file (as you have been trying) will only affect the Structure View.

Feeling stupid for not making that connection.

Anyway, it wasn't until I employed the bookmap-base-override.css that I obtained the desired results. Thanks!!!!!!!

As for , same issue. However, I am using this tag in the deeper layers.