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Derek Read

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I'm assuming we're discussing XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 and that a CMS system is not involved here.

What do you want it to display instead of the text “Topicgroup”? I guess knowing your goal doesn't mean I cannot answer your question about which file to modify, but it would be interesting to know what problem you are attempting to solve.

CSS files with “_structure.css” in their name are for the Structure View and not Tags On or Normal view. So, adding something to the Structure View CSS file (as you have been trying) will only affect the Structure View.

Also, there is no supported way to alter the rendering of maps viewed in the Map Editor (which is hosted inside the Window labelled “Resource Manager”).

If you are editing the map in Tags On or Normal view then we support altering the styling of those views by changing the CSS. The file that renders the text “Topicgroup” with a grey background inside the elements in Tags On and Normal view is this file (for standard DITA map files):


The CSS selector is: [class~="mapgroup-d/topicgroup"]:before

The last CSS file to be loaded for (standard) DITA maps is as follows. So you can either edit the CSS file listed above and modify that selectors properties directly, or override that selector by adding a duplicate for it in the 'override' file below and override any properties you want to change there:


It would be cleaner (so in theory easier to maintain) to add something like the following into that 'override' CSS file but the choice of which file to make the modification in is ultimately up to you (the outcome will be the same):

content: "foo bar";

Note: If you want to change the value for content from “Topicgroup” so that nothing appears you cannot just set the value to an empty string (because that is the same as not setting the value). You will need to set it to contain a space in that case:

content: " ";

For interest's sake (may help understand how the CSS files for DITA are loaded), the main file that controls all the CSS that is loaded for a map is this one (you will see that it consists of 4 @import statements that load CSS files in a specific order):