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Derek Read

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Regarding your last point about using .

I'm not exactly sure what your original content looks like (and more importantly perhaps, what the markup structure might have meant). However,  DITA maps allow elements to be nested if that makes more sense than using the element.

You might wish to have a look at the DITA Language Reference to see what it says about the difference between usage of and nesting elements. Also, if you are producing output using the DITA Open Toolkit (which I assume is the case) you may wish to see what the default output looks like for the outputs you produce in case there is a difference between the two (so that you need not try to alter its behavior, which in this particular case would probably not be trivial).

You can view the DITA Language Reference by selecting Help > Specifications > DITA Language Reference. You can also jump directly to the DITA Language Reference topic for a particular element by placing your cursor inside the element and selecting Alt+F1 (this only works in Tags On or Normal view).