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Derek Read

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There is no requirement to include the filename in the @href.

and this should be equivalent when the xref and what it is linking to are both inside the file filename.dita and the DITA OT treats handles this just fine (at least in my tests).

The behavior of the DITA OT follows what the DITA 1.1 Language Reference says (my highlighting in blue) for the usage of the href attribute:
[quote=http://docs.oasis-open.org/dita/v1.1/CS01/langspec/langref/xref.html#xref__xref_attr]A hyperlink to an external Web page (URL) or other non-DITA resource, to another DITA topic in the same file or in another file, or to a specific element inside a DITA topic . . . DITA content is targetted as follows:
Target elsewhere in the same file:

Target in a different file:
. . .

Having said that, XMetaL Author Enterprise will include the filename when you use the Insert Cross Reference dialog. The DITA OT has no problem handling either and the XMetaL Author Enterprise link checking functionality also handles both methods (when you have broken links you have the option to view a dialog named “Unresolved References Log”).