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Derek Read

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I think I can reproduce what you are seeing, but I'm not sure because I'm making a few assumptions. The main one being which deliverable you are using to generate your PDF, “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP”, and the second one being that no changes have been made to the DITA Open Toolkit.

If I generate a PDF using “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP” I see that the links are generated just fine, it is just that if you click on them they don't go anywhere because they both point to the same page. Everything fits on page 3. If you add additional content so that the three topics (topic + 2 reference topics) end up on separate pages you should find that the links actually do something (if they point to different pages).

See screen capture: pdf_out.gif

If that isn't what you are seeing please provide some more information so that I can try to reproduce the problem.

Note: I'm also ignoring the fact that the document is invalid (it has an attribute value “developer” for @type on an audience element). However, the DITA Open Toolkit itself does not catch this error for me for some reason (I'm not sure why but I will look into that). XMetaL Author does catch the error though. Allowed values include (only): user, purchaser, adminstrator, programmer, executive, services, other, and -dita-use-conref-target.

One more point. This appears to be a test of some kind (unless you've dumbed things down to ask this question on the forum). Unless you have specific reason to do so, I would recommend saving one topic per file and making use of DITA maps. DITA obviously allows “composite” documents but using maps provides many advantages.