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Derek Read

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Did some more searching and turned up this:


Can you try the solution suggested there? I see in the comments section below this suggestion that lots of people are having trouble with this gesture. Ideally what would be good to know is if our Webhelp has this issue even using this gesture and that other pages that use frames somehow don't. If everything does then perhaps that is something Apple should fix.

I see lots of posts for iPad users having trouble with this for all kinds of websites that use frames and iframes. Some suggest certain versions are simply broken (possibly iOS 4.2.1). Example:

My Google search terms: +ipad iframe

In the iPad documentation in the Safari section it does not specifically mention missing scrollbars (I would actually call that a bug rather than a good Apple design choice) but they do say this:

[quote=http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/ipad_2_user_guide.pdf]Scroll within a frame on a webpage

Use two fingers to scroll within a frame on a webpage. Use one finger to scroll the entire webpage.