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You have a few options:
1. Upgrade to the 6.0 release which was designed specifically to run on Windows 7 and has been thoroughly tested there.
2. Be aware that holding the mouse down for 5+ seconds will trigger the problem and avoid doing that.
3. Try running your XMetaL Author 4.6 release using “XP Mode”: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx

There's another option – using the application compatibilty shims. The default application compatibility shims for XP apps will cause the application to run elevated. If that's not acceptable you can use the application compatibility toolkit to assemble the set of shims you need. I used the XP shims and then removed the 3 (I think) shims that require elevation. Unfortunately it's been several years since I did this and I don't remember the names of the shims I removed. (This was also for XMetaL 4.0, not 4.6.)


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