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Derek Read

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Not clear what your system looks like, so here are the two possibilities:

1. You have a custom solution created by you or one of our partners that has integrated XMAX.
2. You have the product we call “XMetaL Express for Documentum Webtop” (which includes XMAX).

For 1: You are free to customize the user interface (the application containing XMAX) anyway you like. The Element List in this case is under your complete control so you can add your own logic (taking advantage of the XMAX APIs) to display only those elements you wish to display.

For 2: There is no simple way to do this. Essentially the work would be the same as for #1 but we would need to do it. This is something our Professional Services team might be contracted to do.

Note that in both cases above, merely stopping an element from displaying in the Element List does not mean a user cannot insert it. It will still be possible for a user with access to Plain Text view to add these elements, and in Tags On and Normal view they will be able to paste them in. Additional logic might be added to restrict the latter case. Note that in XMAX Plain Text view must be specifically enabled. It is disabled by default.

There is a third possibility, and that would be to modify the DTDs being used. If the XMAX APIs are being used to discover which elements are allowed at a given position (most likely for #1 and definitely the case for #2) then modifying the DTDs would automatically allow XMAX to discover that elements are no longer allowed within . Because you are working with DITA you may wish to follow the official DITA specialization rules (however, because we do not provide a DITA solution for XMAX this is less of a concern than for XMetaL Author Enterprise, unless you wish to also use the same DTDs for other software that is “DITA specialization aware”).