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Derek Read

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The *.soc files are part of the catalog lookup system that also includes the file “catalog” (no file extension). In order to have these files re-read the product must be restarted. There is currently no way around this and we do not plan to add such a feature. If these *.soc files are not modified from the previously read-in versions then you should not need to restart. I'm not sure what the other files are so cannot comment on those.

Normally an integration between a CMS system and XMetaL should not need to modify these application folders after the integration is installed. You may wish to check with the CMS vendor to ask why they feel this is necessary (there may be a good reason I cannot think of). They could then contact us (through our partner support system) to figure out if there is a better way for their integration to be designed. Most likely there is a better way because we have integrations with many CMS systems and this is the first I have heard of with this requirement. Keep in mind that older versions of Windows (XP) may allow this, but newer versions (Vista and 7) with their most restrictive security model will make it difficult for such a system to function without disabling UAC and running the software as an administrator.