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Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t saying that it was significantly slower by any means. I was relatively comparing it to the added time of  the while loop cycling though ids until it finds one not used witch probably takes less than 200 milliseconds or so. It may slightly decrease editing performance when editing a document when it creates a new unique ID. It would probably be made up in document loading time instead of having to parse the extra data.

Thanks for the detailed info on how to override the behavior. I kind of figured that’s about how to do it. I was wondering about the ditamap editor though. There is a makeDitaUniqueIdForME function at about line 230 of ditamap_utils.js. It doesn’t look like it does any call out to any extension. I guess the guids for the maps are too much of a brother and we can live with them.

The long guids really start to clutter up the topic files if you ever have to look at the code view, use text editor, look at the outputted html code.  Is it common to leave the defaults for what tags to auto generating ids for? Or is it more common to disable the auto id generation except for the main element.  Our content has over 35,000 guids on li tags, 8,000 guids on ul tags, 3,000 guids on step tags ect…. None of which are ever referenced by anything. Any tag that is referenced by a conref, href, or xref has had the id changed to something nicer.