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Su-Laine Yeo

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Hi Craig,

Everything you're doing looks correct to me. I can think of a few possible causes of the problem:

1) The markup that would result after clicking the Bulleted List button is not valid. Can you get exactly the same change if you use the Element List?

2) XMetaL is looking at a different copy of the configuration files. Try making a trivial change to the CTM file, such as changing an element minitemplate, and then opening a document and testing to see if the change took effect. XMetaL only looks at changes to CTM files when you open a document, not on-the-fly while a document is open.

3) There is a typo in the CTM file. If you send us your files, XMetaL Support can try to reproduce the issue and try to spot what the problem might be. The best way would be to file a support case at http://na.justsystems.com/contact-support.php. When you get an email message from the auto-responder, reply to that message and attach your files. We would need your DTD file(s), CTM, CSS, a sample document, and a description of what part of the sample document you are selecting before you click the Bulleted List toolbar button. If you prefer, you could also zip up these files and post them on this forum.