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Derek Read

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A little bit more research…

The Windows command named START allows you to launch an application. This would not be such a big deal except that it also lets you set the priority (as previously discussed in this thread) so that you do not need to do that manually using the Task Manager.

This will allow you to launch XMetaL or any other application with priority set to “low”. You could do this at a CMD prompt or in a *.bat file. The simplest version of such a command is as follows:

START /LOW xmetal60.exe

The example above assumes you are running the START command inside the folder containing the main XMetaL application (in this case version 6.0). If this is not the case you will need to provide the full path to the executable.

For detailed information on using the START command on your version of Windows enter the following into a CMD prompt or consult Microsoft's documentation:


On Windows Vista and Windows 7 the START command has an additional argument named /AFFINITY that allows you to restrict running the application using a specific CPU (applicable to multi-core systems).