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Derek Read

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Quickest way to do this is to modify this file:

Add the following into any “attribute-set” you wish to alter the text alignment for:

If that already exists but has a different value (left/right/center) then change the value.

A cleaner way (which I would recommend) would be to copy the entire attribute-set you wish to change into the following file (to redefine it) and then make your changes there:

You may wish to include a comment referencing the file that this new attribute-set modifies so that if you need to check on this in a future release of the DITA OT where it may no longer work, function differently, or no longer be needed, you can find out why. Keeping everything in this one “override” file (custom.xsl) makes things easier to distribute to other users, back-up, etc.

Details on support for text-align in RenderX XEP here: