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I decided that I'd be better off simply uninstalling XMetal Author Enterprise (XMAE) 5.5 and installing XMAE 6.0 instead, so I've done that.  I installed the eval copy of 6.0, specified the 5 specialized DTDs I needed, created a set of templates for the new DTDs, and configured a couple of PDF output options to try and get the publishing to use the customized XSL files required.  I'd added the customized XSL files to all the places I thought they'd need to be.

Then I created a new map from the specialized map DTD that I'd installed, and inserted a bunch of topicrefs for some topics (task, concept, and reference) that I'd previously created against the new topic DTDs.  

In this installation of XMAE 6.0, I do get the 'Generate Output' option from the File menu when I have the map open.  At first, I couldn't get the build script to find the DTD location, but then I realized I needed to update the XMetal 6.0 catalog-dita.* files with the locations of the DTDs. Now the build is progressing, though I'm still working through the build issues.

I'm noticing that if I delete the local (i.e. Docum,ents and Settings//Application Data/SoftQuad/) folder in order to get it to be updated when I update the main (Program Files/Common files/XMetaL Shared/DITA-OT) stylesheet locations, it doesn't always get populated with my updates.  For example, in the DITA-OT/xsl folder, we have 2 customized xtylssheets; micron_topicmerge.xsl and dita2fo-shell_axf.xsl.  When I updated the local version of the DITA-OT, the dita2fo-shell_axf.xsl file was recopied, but the micron_topicmerge.xsl file was not.  Same thing with the catalog-dita.xml file. Until I actually modified the catalog-dita_template.xml file as well as the 'live' version, updates to the SoftQuad folder kept ignoring my updates to the live version.