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Derek Read

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It sounds like you are customizing / extending the DITA authoring functionality. If so then what you are attempting to do is not something we support.

I'm not saying it is impossible to do in theory (in fact in some cases some things can be done fairly easily) however, the DITA functionality is not meant to be extended or modified in this fashion. The basic issue here is that the DITA authoring experience is itself a customization layer that is integrated into XMetaL Author and what you are probably trying to do is perform customization on top of that, or next to it. Some of the DITA editing functionality is done in CTM files but most of it is done through scripting and it will always (for the most part) win. Most likely you would need to start making modifications to the various .mcr and .js files that make up the DITA customization and that is not supported, and in the case of the “Inline Element…” dialog you might also need to make some changes to that particular XFT form (though the scripts that drive it are mostly externalized in .js files as well).

What I would recommend is that if the feature you wish to have might be of general use to all users of the product that you submit a feature request (through the regular support channels for either partners or clients) requesting the feature. If this looks more like a very specific feature (one that is not of general interest) then it might be possible to have our Professional Services team look into extending the DITA functionality for specific use cases.