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Derek Read

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SVG is a special case as XMetaL Author does not have native rendering support for SVG. In order to render it we insert a copy of the ActiveX control version of Internet Explorer (this is called the “WebBrowser” control and is used by lots of things, like MSN Messenger, Windows Explorer, etc). We tell this embedded copy of IE to load the SVG image. If IE has a plug-in for rendering SVG then it displays the SVG, if not it renders the SVG as XML source. If you have the Adobe SVG Viewer plug-in installed you see the SVG (both inside IE standalone and inside a DITA document in XMetaL Author Enterprise).

As to why the crash is occuring in this case for you I'm not sure, except that there is a lot more going on when an SVG is loaded vs other formats that the product has native rendering support for (JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, WMF, EPS, EMF and a few others). What is occuring when you click on the red X (missing image icon) to open the dialog is likely more the fact that the dialog used to browse for an image is being opened rather than an IE or SVG plugin issue (though there might be some lingering effects from the last time IE attempted to display an image that didn't exist or something like that). Once we can reproduce this here we will have development look into it.

McAfee is suspect because it changes the way Windows scripting functions by intercepting scripts when they are passed to WSH (Windows Script Host). Other virus scanners may do the same type of thing.

Trying the updated XFLayout.dll should not hurt. The worst case scenario is that the crash will continue and you can always undo the installation of that DLL if it does not seem to help.