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Also, is there any reliable way to not have the output in the same folder as the map/content?  I know you can specify a folder such as “C:_tmpout” but what happens when you generate output from two different maps in different folders?  I have run into issues sometimes if the output directory is not clean before compiles.  If you have temporarily changed a file in the output folder, say the CSS for testing, when you recompile, the CSS file does not get replaced since its timestamp is newer. It is also an issue if there are files in the output folder that compiled successful one time but no longer compile successfully, the old file will  be  in the output folder and get used in chm.  Is there any way to clean out the output folder before the compile? I tried once but  xmetal locaks a handle on some file.

I also recently started using the cmd_synchro_mode option and it additionally compiles all the temp xml files and stuff to the output folder. This makes doing searches for files in windows very erroneous with all the extra files in the content folders.