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Derek Read

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This file does not have a namespace binding declared for a prefix that is being used (xlink). As such it cannot be loaded by the XML parser that XMetaL uses to determine the width and height of the SVG image (MSXML) because it considers the file invalid XML. Because it can't be loaded into MSXML the script cannot extract the width and height (and so the fallback value of 200 x 200px is used).

On line 28 the following appears:

xlink:href="#lend13" transform="scale(-4.5,-4.5) "/>

Note the use of the xlink: namespace prefix.

Using a text editor you could manually add the namespace binding to the file. In the listing below it is the second line.

viewBox=”0 0 612 792″

Here is a brief description of why this is necessary: https://jwatt.org/svg/authoring/#namespace-binding
In your files that work I suspect that the binding does not exist either, but the prefix is also not used (so the binding is not needed). In this particular file the namespace prefix is used and so the binding should be there.

Please follow up with Microsoft to see if they are aware of this issue. Perhaps they have a patch that will allow your version of Visio to include this namespace binding automatically when you export.