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Hi Derek Read,

Thank you for your response.

We have XMetal 2.0 based customization (a particular DTD which was integrated with XMetal 2.0). For this customization, we have a compiled binary in the format .rlx file.

We would like to know if we are upgrading to XMetal 6.0, whether this DTD needs to be recompiled in XMetal 6.0 or .rlx file can be directly placed inside “Rules” folder of XMetal package?

If the DTD needs to be recompiled, how a DTD can be compiled in XMetal Author Enterprise 6.0 and .rlx file can be generated? I did not find any information about compilation in the XMetal 6.0 help.

On XMetal's support for ClearCase as a Repository, we understand that a connector is needed between ClearCase and XMetal. If we have this connector available, we would like to know the functions/features of ClearCase which are supported by XMetal 6.0.

One more support I would like to receive from you regarding XMetal 6.0. We have empty element with attributes as “title” and “title-id”, as shown below:

As per my understanding, .ctm file can be used to define the authoring rules for a particular DTD. We have titles available in the webpage in Assets view of XMetal 6.0. We want that when this title is selected and drag-and drop to the document at valid position, new element should be inserted where “title” attribute is set to this title and random title-id is generated. Please find the attached screenshot of the XML document and Assets in XMetal and our sample .ctm file. We want to know how this behavior can be achieved in the .ctm file. If this cannot be achieved using .ctm file, then what are the alternates?

Best Regards,
Girish Kumar