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Can I ask when xmetal might incorporate a newer version of the toolkit? will it be 1.5.2 or 1.5.3? It seems as though in the future to be able to handle dita 1.2 the toolkit that comes with xmetal is going to need to be updated at some point. It looks as though DITA-OT 1.5.3 is set to support dita 1.2 but its not going to be finished until mid year it looks like http://dita.xml.org/node/3101

Somehow I don't think its going to even be possible to migrate customizations though. Maybe some css files and stuff but ant scripts and xsls are not going to migrate very nicely. I have been tempted to start using a newer version of the toolkit but it seems like there are some significant amount of modification xmetal has made to the toolkit that would be lost though.