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As a workaround, if you are so inclined, you could create your own alternative UI for authors to modify attributes.  For example, Derek wrote this macro a while back which allows you to perform the functions of the Attribute Inspector by way of the context menu (right-click):


It doesn't do exactly the same thing as the Attribute Inspector, and it gives you more than you want, such as an Element List submenu, but its purpose is to serve as example to illustrate what is possible.  You could modify it to meet your requirements better.

If you install the above sample, you will notice that the attributes are sorted alphabetically on the submenu it provides — but that is easily changed by commenting out one line of code in the macro script:

[code]add comment marker to line 216:

With that line commented out, the attributes do seem to appear on the submenu in the order in which they were defined.  (My test was with a schema-defined document.)