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Derek Read

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I see what might be at play here that might confuse things. The UWL replace list is only one part of the spell checking. In general when using the spell check dialog words in ALL CAPS are left alone.

In addition, when a word is capitalized (when the first letter but not all letters are capitalized) and that word is replaced the case of the first letter stays capitalized. So, the particular scenario you are looking for, a direct switch from “IPAD” to “iPad”, or “Ipad” to “iPad”, isn't supported by the spell checker dialog because these other capitalization rules mess things up.

The best you can do with the spell checker might be the following I think:

Before: After:
iPad iPad
ipad iPad
iPAD iPad
iPaD iPad
IpAd IPad**

* Full caps is retained.
** Capitalization is retained.

For these types of non-standard English words (probably mostly modern brand names I suspect) it may be best to simply add their proper spelling to the UWL and then use Find and Replace to actually fix them.