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Su-Laine Yeo

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Hi Yuwono,

This is definitely a configuration issue rather than a limitation in the Antenna House or XMetaL software itself. What we know so far is that in the topic.fo file that is generated in XMetaL's Generate Output process, the index is wrapped in an element called . This is a RenderX extension element that isn't processed by Antenna House Formatter. If you remove this wrapper from the topic.fo file and then run the topic.fo file through Antenna House Formatter, the index appears as expected.

We're still working on the issue of how to configure PDF output to prevent the wrapper element from being inserted. In the meantime, if you need to use Antenna House, follow the following procedure:

Go to Tools > Configure Output > Advanced tab and “uncomment” a parameter. Remove _rem_ from the line _rem_cmd_synchro_mode = 2 so that it reads cmd_synchro_mode = 2. This prevents XMetaL from cleaning up the work files after a build.

The next time you generate PDF output, you will see a topic.fo file in your output folder. You can edit this file in a text editor to remove the tags, and then run it through Antenna House Formatter to produce your PDF file.