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Derek Read

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OK, I've repeated the same test after installing Antenna House XSL Formatter v5.2 and I get the same results: PDF outputs fine with no errors or warnings in the log file but the Index in the PDF contains no entries.

Back to your original problem (with PDF just failing to output in general) I suspect what you might be seeing is that XMetaL Author Enterprise is unable to locate your version of Antenna House. If that is the case then the log file will contain the following entry:

echo ERROR: Antenna House XSL Formatter could not be found. Please install this applicaton. If XSL Formatter is already installed, ensure XMetaL is configured to identify where the application is installed.

To resolve that problem please refer to the following post: http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,166.msg3748.html#msg3748

I'll see if someone else here can confirm why my Index is empty when using Antenna House and not RenderX. From what I can tell the XSL-FO produced by the DITA OT does not contain any directives that Antenna House documents as unsupported.