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Derek Read

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I cannot repeat your issue exactly using Antenna House v4.2 (which I had configured already so could try immediately). I will try to obtain the same version you have a see if I can reproduce the problem.

In my case a PDF file is created successfully but no entries appear in the Index section (it is empty). The same set of files creates a PDF containing an Index with proper entries when using RenderX. The XSL-FO appears to be correct so it is unclear to me why the Index is empty (despite Antenna House XSL Formatter 4.2 documentation stating that it supports the XSL-FO that is used to do this).

My steps:

0) Install Antenna House XSL Formatter (as noted above so far I have only tested with version 4.2) and XMetaL Author Enterprise (my version — current release) then use the Configure Output option in XMetaL to enable the deliverable called “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via Antenna House XSL Formatter”.

1) Open the sample (Help > Samples) called “XMetaL Reviewer Help (DITA)”.
2) Open the topic (from the map) called “About these sample documents”.
3) Add the following to that topic at a valid location:


Chicago, One, Indiana.

4) Save the topic.
5) In the map editor select File > Generate Output for DITA Map.
6) For the deliverable type select “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via Antenna House XSL Formatter”.
7) Click OK to generate output. It completes successfully but the PDF document contains an empty Index (the title “Index” appears on a blank page with no index entries).

Repeat steps 5-7 but this time select “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP” in step 6. As you have noted you get a document that contains a proper Index this time.