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Derek Read

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Please provide the following information so we can try to reproduce this:

1. XMetaL Author Enterprise version.
2. Does having just one element trigger this, or do you need some specific number, like 100+, 1000+, etc?
3. Are you sure it is the presence of the itself that triggers this and not some content it contains (a specific character for example)?
4. Are you generating output from a map, or bookmap (or some other specialized map type)?
5. If you create a brand new map that references the same topic(s) does the issue still occur (this test is linked to test #3 I suppose).
6. Does the DITA OT process things to the point where Antenna House actually starts processing? (sounds like it) If so does the DITA OT log file contain any errors or warnings in it that might help track down the problem?