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Derek Read

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It's just not possible.

In order to give you this feature we would need to update your XMetaL Author 5.5 installation by replacing the xmetal55.exe with an xmetal60.exe and a bunch of DLLs. That would mean turning your 5.5 release into a 6.0 release, effectively doing the same thing as uninstalling 5.5 and installing 6.0.

What you should do in this instance is to ask the CMS provider for a version of their connector that works with the version of XMetaL you need (which is 6.0). I'm not sure if they are working on this at the moment but I suspect you are not the only client they have that wishes to use XMetaL 6.0 as there are a number of other improvements added to the 6.0 release that are quite attractive.