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Derek Read

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Option 1:
 Select the character on this page, copy and paste into your document.
 From that point on you could just copy and paste from doc to doc.

Option 2:
 1. (Windows) Start > Run > charmap.exe
 2. Select a Unicode font that you know contains a glyph for the character. In this case “Arial Unicode MS” happens to have this character.
 3. Click the “Advanced view” checkbox.
 4. Find your character by either:
     a. Entering a number you have obtained from elsewhere (Unicode.org website, forum posting, Wikipedia, etc) into the “Go to Unicode” box.
     b. Search for a portion of the name using the “Search for” box. In this particular case you would need to know that the Apple “command key” is actually not called that in Unicode and is in fact “PLACE OF INTEREST SIGN” (so that none of “apple”, “command” or “key” will find it using this tool as it only searches official Unicode names).
 5. Double click on the character and then select the “Copy” button.
 6. Paste into XMetaL Author.

Option 3:
 Switch to Plain Text view and type in a character entity reference, such as ⌘

Option 4:
 In Tags On or Normal view paste in a character entity reference that you have already typed elsewhere. Copying and pasting this should do it: ⌘

Option 5:
 Configure and use this: http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,116.0.html

Option 6:
 1. Create a macro that inserts the character.
 2. Optionally assign that macro to a toolbar or menu.
 Note: this is essentially what option 5 is doing, but in that case a form renders it nicely for you.

Useful websites:
 http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/search.htm (searching for “command key” here will in fact find this character as they also include common alternative names and descriptions for characters in their database)
 Once you find the character you can click through to fonts that support it, for example: