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Derek Read

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1. Our design philosophy is to keep the product backwards compatible with regard to customizations (CSS, CTM, MCR, etc that are associated with a particular DTD/XSD) and so, unless something has been accidentally broken, customizations created for previous versions should function in newer versions. We pay particular attention to APIs. We do not change their behavior but instead create entirely new APIs (that may have similar functionality to existing ones, in which case the name is sometimes similar — all of the various paste-related APIs are a good example).

2. We have noted a similar sounding 0KB file issue. We were not aware of this issue until users on the forum asked about it recently (http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,694.0.html). It is likely to be addressed in our next release.

3. This issue has not been fixed. Lines longer than 4077 characters will be rendered improperly in Plain Text view, though this does not affect the actual content of the file (provided you don't attempt to edit such lines and work with the document in Normal or Tags On view instead). The recommended solution for this is to configure pretty printing (which also makes editing in Plain Text view easier in general). Settings for Pretty Printing are configured in the CTM file.