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We've learned to work around the filesize restrictions we have, that wasn't so much the intent of this thread; I was just wondering if there been any changes to that capability and it sounds like there hasn't.  It's rare that we need to make changes to the document in its largest form, and we've been using other tools to do it.

I suppose I should ask more specific questions:
– Is there any change (API deprecation, etc.) from 5.1->5.5->6.0 that would make plugins written for 5.1 invalid/broken in 6.0 (or, have you heard of this happening)?  How easy is to to move from 5.1 to 6.0 and keep the same plugins? 

– 5.1 has a problem saving large files that results in the large file (>5MB) getting overwritten with a 0KB file when saving fails due to memory constraints.  Has this bug been fixed in later releases (didn't see anything about it in the patch notes)?

– 5.1 has a problem rendering very long lines (>50k characters) in plain text view. Lines of this size are shown as blank lines, but the content is still present just not displayed.  Has this issue been fixed?