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Derek Read

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You are saying that DeclareGraphicEntity() is failing. I'm assuming you mean the DeclareGraphicEntity() API seems to be failing to insert an ENTITY into the document's internal subset. Can you let use know which version of the S1000D DTDs you are using? If the NOTATIONs are declared in the DTD then this should work.

There is a limitation with XMetaL that could stop this API from functioning. If you declare an ELEMENT or NOTATION inside the internal subset of the XML document then the internal subset becomes read only for Tags On and Normal view. However, given what you have shown me that is not the case so I don't know why you are having trouble. ENTITY declarations can be added to the document in Tags On and Normal view using various APIs including DeclareGraphicEntity, and in XMetaL Author using the menu items and dialogs provided for that purpose.

Can you submit a sample of the files needed to reproduce your problem to XMetaL Support so they can try to reproduce your problem and show you how to configure things to work properly?

Please also let us know if you are working with XMetaL Author Essential, XMetaL Author Enterprise, or XMAX and which version of the product you have.

I am using the S1000D 2.3 DTDs right now with XMetaL Author Enterprise and the DeclareGraphicEntity() API is working fine for me. There is a special notations.ent included with this version of the DTDs so there is no need to declare the notation types anywhere else.