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You're correct, it is a function of Internet Explorer and not so much HTML Help Viewer. Though Microsoft claims that the :before and :after pseudo elements and generated content are now supported in IE8, I still don't see them (Win 7 64-bit with IE8). Either way, previous version are far too prevalent to make it okay for our users.

I do agree that adding “actual” content instead of browser rendered content is preferable when it comes to text (and far more reliable). It was intentional that this be used for all HTML output, though .CHM is the only HTML output I currently use. At least in this case, missing an “or” between two lines doesn't dramatically affect the users ability to understand what is required.


Excellent advice. This does work to suite my current needs (ref. attached image), but that isn't to say that larger projects in the future (when other writers are making use of this), that changes won't be needed. Honestly, I cannot think of many cases when we'll need to reference or reuse just a single list item, as opposed to the entire . However, it is always best to limit the effect a modification like this to as small a set as possible. I appreciate your help.