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Derek Read

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Good to see you've figured this out. I have not tried the change, but it looks like it makes sense.

This change should affect all HTML output types (CHM, WebHelp, Multiple HTML, Single HTML, Eclipse and Java Help), in case that was not obvious.

Regarding the support for CSS :after — this is not a WebHelp issue, it is a browser support for CSS issue. So, unless you can guarantee the browser and version your readers would be using I wouldn't rely on it at present. Some newer versions of browsers support it (my copy of FF 3.6 does and Microsoft specifically documents support for :after and :before as one of the great new things in IE8).

Your solution seems better anyway as I should think that the “or” you are inserting should actually be present in the content (this is the “purist” part of my brain talking). I can't think of any really bad things that would occur if this was done using CSS (for supported browsers) except that in some of them a copy action might not include it because the browser doesn't treat it as “real” content. The main thing however (as you have seen in your testing) is that for many browsers the reader will see nothing.